Supporting a State DHSS Legacy System Migration

Client Description 

This client is a Northwest State Department of Health and Social Serivices (DHSS).  


The department was replacing a legacy Medicaid Management Information System. This State DHSS functions in a highly customized, operationally and technically complicated environment. The project required a great deal of planning and design both at the onset and ongoing, in response to issues and identified risks. The project also included a significant amount of testing to support the various custom integrations that had to be remediated. 


The technologies included in the scope of the project were Billing and Eligibility, Business Intelligence, Claims, Reporting and Health Plan Administration. 

Ninestone’s Approach 

Ninestone was brought in to be part of the Technical Assistance Contractor (TAC) team of experts. As part of the TAC, Ninestone provided oversight to the design, development, testing, and implementation phases of the MMIS Replacement Project. Specific responsibilites included the support in Quality Assurance, Independent Verification and Validation, operational testing, and MMIS certification. 


As part of the Technical Assistance Coordinator team, working under the supervision of the Department of Health and Social Services Project Management Office, Ninestone provided oversight of the State’s ICD-10 Remediation Implementation , IV&V services for the MMIS replacement project including primary vendor and State work plan review and analysis, deliverables monitoring, risk identification and assessment, issues logging, reporting, and resolution.