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Ninestone is a Boston-based IT consulting company that specializes in working with healthcare, small business, and non-profit organizations. The services we offer include conducting IT assessments and audits, developing IT strategies and executing to the plan, program and project management, training on IT solutions, and providing interim staff members.

After years of working for large enterprises and a Big Five consulting firm, Jennifer Venditti founded Ninestone on the simple idea that a consultant can provide excellent service at a reasonable price. She follows a simple recipe for success with her clients: listen well, apply the right resources, and see projects through to the end. Ninestone’s guiding principle is that strategy and execution are a partnership, and solid project management is the foundation of our success with clients.  

Ninestone employs highly skilled and experienced people across the country, all of whom take a business-centric approach to each IT project. As consultants, we don’t show up just when there are executive or strategic meetings, we roll up our sleeves and make sure the work gets done the right way, every day. We look at all of your requirements – business and IT – holistically, and we partner with you every step of the way.  

Our Approach

Clients come to Ninestone because they want to get the maximum business value out of their IT investments. Our approach is to assess the current challenge, understand your specific needs, and determine the best way to efficiently execute projects so you get the results you want, quickly.

How do we do this? Hard work, mainly. In addition, our consultants have deep experience with a broad range of systems; a long history of operations work; and the ability to not only devise creative solutions to problems, but also to apply and monitor them.

All of these factors – our technical expertise, operational experience, and creative thinking – are built upon a rigorous approach to project management, which means we successfully deliver results to clients on time and on budget.

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Our People

Experience and knowledge are what set the Ninestone team apart. Our consultants have previously been employed by one or more information systems vendors and/or by customers of these systems and have experienced the challenges clients face with these projects. What’s more, our consultants are solution-agnostic and can contribute immediately without a lot of lead time.

Our depth of project management experience and certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®) bring a structured yet flexible approach to the way we manage and implement all of our projects. In addition to our salaried employees, we draw upon a select network of highly qualified resources and firms who have proven their expertise and their commitment to Ninestone’s high standards.  

Meet Our Team.   

Our Name

Ninestone got its name from one of our earliest consultants, who volunteered the information that he weighed nine stones. (He was a slim guy — 126lbs!) Upon further discussion, we found that in eastern religions, nine stones, or gems, are considered sacred and royal. Also, the nine stones of Winterbourne Abbas and the nine stones of Altarnun, both in England, are stone circles that have been standing for centuries. All these references speak to us, in terms of harmony, balance, and tenacity – which we try to bring to our clients. That’s why we are Ninestone.

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