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Ninestone Corporation helps organizations achieve operational and financial success by leveraging technology to support business requirements. We can help your organization meet its goals by helping you identify and implement realistic solutions that address your unique challenges.

People: Ninestone consultants have been working in the healthcare industry for an average of fiifteen (15) years or more. Our PMI professionals bring proven expertise to our implementation approach and have demonstrated their expertise and their commitment to Ninestone quality standards. Meet Our Team.

Process: Ninestone combines its broad systems expertise, deep operational experience, creative problem‐solving acumen, and rigorous management process to deliver highly successful projects on time and on budget. Our methodology is structured and executed in a manner which delivers measurable results through an integrated process.

Technology: Ninestone helps healthcare organizations maximize the value gained from their investments in information technology solutions. Our consultants draw upon industry best practices and their own experience across the continuum of the integrated healthcare delivery system. This enables our clients to reach an optimized level of technological and business related convergence.