Technology Strategy and Services

Technology has become vital to the workplace regardless of organization size or type of industry.   Operations and staff members rely on a stable, accessible technical environment to work effectively.  Keeping a pulse on your business requirements, available technologies and appropriate upgrades will help to ensure ongoing productivity and success.

The technology infrastructure of a company is complex and affects all aspects of the business - including corporate, desktop and mobile telecommunications, office computers, network architecture, website and intranet, scanning/printing/faxing, sales tools, payroll systems and other applications/solutions.  Your challenge is how to effectively manage it all; balancing financial and operational constraints with organizational requirements.

Ninestone’s Technology Strategy and Services offerings provide the right level of strategy, planning and implementation for any business:

  • Healthcare – In addition to an emphasis on operational and technical efficiencies, evaluate the need for other pressing regulatory and compliance measures to be addressed.  Additional healthcare specific requirements will be evaluated and incorporated.
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Industry Associations – concentrate on developing and implementing a plan to work efficiently, effectively all within budget constraints while promoting membership and outreach.
  • Small Businesses – focus on work productivity, office infrastructure, data management, client communications (website, email, collaboration), and industry specific solutions.

Ninestone recommends several levels of management:

Check out how we’ve helped some of our recent clients with technology:

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