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Ninestone consultants help cultivate the world of project management by offering years of experience managing a variety of different projects. Ninestone offers expertise in planning, organizing, and managing projects and resources. We also mentor client project managers in our engagements to ensure a quality outcome. Our expertise has led to the successful completion of the projects we are engaged to support. Ninestone has the tools, techniques, and knowledge to help produce optimum results. Our team includes consultants that are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®). Ninestone staff can rescue troubled projects, assess the current state, and make tactical changes immediately to correct the project’s course and move forward in a positive way. Ninestone project managers are also able to perform or prepare for project audits.

Our approach to program and project management focuses on results. Whether we are engaged from the beginning of a project or at any point thereafter, we strategize with our clients and formulate a project management plan that is realistic, engages all stakeholders, and incorporates business strategies. We have experience working with all levels of program/project management sophistication so whether your organization has a formal Project Management Office or is new to project management, we can help ensure project success. 

Check out how we’ve helped some of our recent clients with program and project management:

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