Client Accolades

 “We recently worked with Debbie and Ninestone to guide our healthcare office through the process of identifying and transitioning to a new Central Management System. Debbie was integral in assessing our business workflow, identifying pain points, and then presenting us with a number of thoroughly researched options to correct these. She also helped with the set-up of the new system and guided us in how we could ensure accurate data transfer. I don’t honestly know if we would have arrived at the place we are at without Debbie’s expertise, and we are so happy to be here! Thank you!”
Marcie and Karl

Debbie and the team at Ninestone were amazingly supportive of my organization’s website redesign.  We began from scratch, imagining what the site could be and then building it with better tools than I had used before.  For someone in the tech world, not having a professional online presence was, to put it lightly, an issue; however Debbie refused to give up on my vision.  She helped me to craft a better site, including remodeling our logo, adding active viewer engagement, and enforcing consistency throughout the content.  Thank you Debbie, thank you Ninestone!”
Debbie S.

 “What set Ninestone apart was the depth of other work they’ve done that an organization this size might not have otherwise had access to.”
Jeff P.
VP of Finance

 “Ninestone is very competent and helpful. They’re also enjoyable to work with — they make the work interesting and achievable.”
Tammy O.

 “There’s nothing Ninestone does that you wouldn’t read in any project management handbook. The difference is they actually know how to do it, they do it well, and they understand all the fundamentals of what real project management is.”
Jeffrey C.

 “The Ninestone implementation team was ready to assist staff at every level during the implementation of our agency’s EMR and billing system.   They spoke the language of our organization’s diverse culture and were able to engage our staff, management teams and executives in terms everyone could understand and agree upon.”
Scott H.
Business Analyst