Supporting the Launch of a New Business with Brand and Website Design

Client Description

The client is a small business professional services firm in eastern Massachusetts who was launching a new business and desired the right tools to successfully establish a solid foundation for growth.


As foundational pieces of launching a new business, the firm required a new brand, including branding guide, website, email and office application setup. A representative logo, tag line, stationary template and color scheme were all components necessary to establish the new brand. Selecting the right productivity software as the office solution to provide streamlined communication, production of client deliverables, and more was a must.


It was determined that a website designed with a template-based hosting site would both meet the budget and enable the client to do their own content publishing. In addition, Office365 was selected as the office solution to provide not only word processing, presentation software, and design capability, but also for the email and file sharing capacity.

Ninestone’s Approach

Ninestone worked with the business owner to define the brand vision, create a new logo along with color/font schema. We assisted with gathering and defining the website requirements including layout, flow, and general content areas. We then designed a layout of the required content and created a web page map inclusive of the new branding. All new content was created along with a structure and thought process for future content development and publishing. Setup was completed in the new office space for Office365, email, phone, printer, and Wifi. With all necessary pieces in place, the client was poised for a successful business launch while also being prepared for future growth.


Ninestone worked closely with the client throughout the project. All elements including the website, office setup, and branding were completed within the expected timeline and on budget.