Technology Planning Checklist

Your workforce relies on a stable, accessible technical environment to work effectively.   Keeping your technology current and aligned with business requirements can help to ensure long term success.

How healthy is your technology landscape? Consider the following questions to determine if an IT assessment or audit is right for you.

  • Do you have a formal technology plan and budget?

Because technology is an integral part of your business, it must also be an integral part of your financial plan. Maintenance and upgrades should be budgeted expenditures as well as implementation of relevant new technologies.

  • Are your technology plans thwarted by unexpected software and equipment emergencies?

By proactively planning for how and when to implement required software upgrades and conducting ongoing maintenance on equipment, you can avoid the pitfall of unplanned downtime or a sudden need to upgrade due to incompatibility. Including IT as a budget line item provides increased control of your technology spend.

  • Are you in sync with your industry standards and recommended solutions?

Most industries have expectations for how technology fits into their business. Ensuring that your technology matches industry standards makes you more competitive.  With a plan in place, your business can maintain consistency with industry standards.

  • Do you continue to make do with aging equipment and software? 

Ignoring software and hardware upgrades will eventually catch up with productivity.  Your budget should include maintenance and emergencies as well as planned initiatives.  Business efficiencies will be uninterrupted with a business plan and budget that includes technology.

  • Do you have a clearly defined support and control process for your IT components?

With a plan for IT support including maintenance, backup, security, disaster recovery and equipment replacement, you can both extend the life of your technology and ensure consistent availability of systems and information. Your technology landscape will be available and functioning when and where it is needed.

If these questions resonate with you, it’s time to assess your current setup and plan for modifications that will better support your business. Let’s talk!