Generating New Business and Recognizing Cost Savings through a Technology Assessment

Client Description

The client is a small, privately owned business located in the greater Boston area that provides management consulting services to organizations. The client’s staff resides across the country and works locally (remotely) as well as on site.


The client had loose guidelines for IT solutions and corresponding policies and procedures. The client’s web site was stagnant and represented portions of the business that had not been optimized for SEO. The need for a streamlined, budget-friendly set of solutions to address website, phone, office software, equipment inventory, mobile computing, and expense reporting was the answer.

Ninestone’s Approach

Ninestone completed an IT assessment and established an IT strategic plan for the organization. The project involved; meeting with company executives and staff, examining current systems, developing options with corresponding cost benefit analysis, and recommending solutions to streamline IT. Ninestone followed through by managing the implementation project.​


The assessment included the following areas:  

  • Corporate IT Planning and Funding
  • IT Support
    • Office Software Alignment
    • Upgraded Website
    • Mobile Solutions
    • Integrated Expense Reporting Solution
    • Phone and Office Support
    • Equipment Inventory


As a result of the IT Assessment:

  • The organization’s first IT strategic plan was established.
  • A comprehensive IT upgrade was implemented to address corporate infrastructure requirements, including:
    • Implementing Office365, allowing for access to email, corporate resources and web-based meetings from anywhere via desktop, mobile applications and web-based portal.
    • Integration a web-based time and reporting solution to the financial application.
  • The organization’s web site was upgraded.
  • The organization’s social media presence was expanded, including:
    • search engine optimization,
    • marketing campaign email capabilities,
    • profiles on key business related web communities.

Key outcomes of the IT Assessment and follow up work included:

  • Twenty percent (20%) administrative savings related to processing timesheets and expense reports.
  • Streamlining of consultant workflow enabling better deliverable completion by providing access to email, corporate resources, and support for web meetings from anywhere across multiple devices.
  • A tenfold increase in website traffic as measured by Google Analytics which resulted in new client opportunities.