Technology Audit

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Ninestone’s Technology Audit service provides you with an opportunity to conduct an in depth look at the components of your current technology landscape. An Audit can be completed across all functions or focused on a particular area. The Audit helps assess the effectiveness of your processes, systems, and services as well as identifying potential risks. The Audit will be the groundwork towards identifying needs, shortcomings, and budgeting requirements. From this foundation we will work with you to develop a prioritized plan, along with a budget, that matches your specific organizational needs.   

Recommended Areas to include in a Technology Audit include:

  • Office Infrastructure – workstations, scanners, printers, fax
  • Network Architecture - LAN/WAN,Server environment/architecture,Bandwidth
  • Telecommunications
  • Security
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery/Backups
  • Client Communication and Relationship Management
  • Software/Hardware Purchasing/Inventory/Deployment
  • Website(s)
  • Intranet

If appropriate, the Technology Audit may also include:

  • Help Desk
  • IT Organizational Structure and Staffing, including benchmarking analysis
  • IT Key Performance Indicators
  • IT Service Level Agreements
  • Enterprise Applications, Departmental Applications and Reporting Solutions
  • Vendor Services

We provide full reports on how each of your components is functioning as part of your Audit. For example, for a network architecture audit, we examine downtime rates, security, scheduling, response time, to name a few. You then receive a report encompassing that information. We also provide a roadmap outlining software and equipment ages, workflow efficiency, as well as an evaluation of systems against business and staffing needs.

Upon completion of the Audit, we can provide planning, resource management, new system recommendations, IT staffing plans, IT support plans, and a recommended budget for ongoing IT support. We will recommend infrastructure improvement opportunities and point out potential areas for outsourcing. Throughout the audit, we work with you to determine the most appropriate scope and deliverables for your organization’s needs.  

It can often be difficult to determine whether your business could benefit from a Technology Audit. We invite you to review our checklist below and evaluate the IT health of your company.

Technology Planning Checklist

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