Designing an Effective Training Solution

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At Ninestone, our approach to implementing an effective training solution starts with identifying core business needs and translating those needs into appropriate educational deliverables. We will work alongside you to determine what training will be developed, how it will be delivered and how we can measure learner’s progress and job-readiness. In the early stages of the process, we design a high-level training strategy that incorporates all aspects of designing an effective training program while aligning with the desired project outcome.

What kind of training does your business need?

In designing the training strategy, we’ll help to answer key questions; such as:  who is our training audience, how long is the training itself, and how should it be delivered? We have the capability to design and deliver training programs for any audience via multiple platforms. We can work with you to determine the best approach, whether it is Instructor-led training, webinar, eLearning, or a blended approach.  

What does designing a training program look like?

Several factors are taken into account when designing and developing a training program. One of the first and most important questions is:  how impactful is the coming change to your business? Does it require new knowledge, new skills, or both? For simple updates, equipping your team with new skills may be all that is necessary. For more complex changes such as software implementations, it may require developing a more robust training solution.  

In designing our training strategy, we will work with you to assess your staff’s current level of knowledge to make sure we are clearly defining who needs to know what from the onset of the project. We also take into account resource availability and staff schedules to make sure the process is as seamless as possible.

How do we measure training?

Clear and measurable goals are imperative in determining the overall success of any training initiative. Our approach is to integrate the businesses goals of the implementation with metrics for evaluating training effectiveness to create meaningful outcomes. In short, we look at reaction, learning, behavior, and results. We use tools such as surveys, tests/quizzes, assessments, and lab activities to effectively measure the success of our training.

Let’s get started!

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