Business Assessment and Practice Management Implementation for a Small Business

Client Description

The client is a small integrative medicine clinic in the Northeast. They provide quality natural medicine services for pain, symptoms, and wellbeing. 


The practice had been consistently growing over the past few years and the owners determined that they had outgrown their business systems. In addition, integration between systems was nonexistent. While there was some level of automation, many processes were completed manually, creating a significant risk for errors.

After the decision was made to upgrade the booking software, the owners determined that a complete assessment of the business implementations was desired.   


The business assessment was conducted through interviews and data gathering. The outcome of the assessment was a roadmap of the business processes identifying areas for improvement. The roadmap was used to generate a list of requirements for a new practice management solution. A cloud-based practice management solution was selected because it provided immediate replacement of the booking software and inventory management systems as well as improved integration with financials, enhanced reporting, and future integration for insurance billing and patient charting. The technology solution was chosen based on the outcome of the business assessment.

Ninestone’s Approach

Ninestone began the engagement with an assessment of the business processes. For the assessment, we reviewed all existing systems, interviewed staff and owners to understand current processes and procedures, and determined how the existing systems were supporting the business. The outcome of the assessment was a business process map which identified the strengths and deficiencies in the current business systems. The business map was used to derive requirements for the practice management solution. From the requirements, Ninestone researched potential solutions; presenting three alternatives to the client.

Ninestone was the liaison to the third-party software vendors, which included setting up demos, confirming requirements and facilitating the selection of the optimal solution for the business. After selection and purchase of the practice management solution, Ninestone served as the liaison with the chosen vendor to manage implementation deliverables and tasks. As a final step, Ninestone trained staff on the new system.


The practice is running smoothly with the new practice management software in place and was able to sunset many manual processes as well as economize on reporting and tracking financials and managing client accounts. Ninestone has been engaged to implement the insurance billing and patient charting in the upcoming year.