Technology Support

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You need someone who cares as much about your business as you do. We understand the challenge of balancing competing priorities for time, budget, and resources and want to help you leverage technology to make that balancing act easier. Our technology support services take care of your technology so you can focus on your business. Support includes fixing things when they are broken as well as managing and maintaining systems, but we go one step further.

With Ninestone, you have access to senior-level staff for both support and solutions giving you the benefit of both knowledge and experience. You also get a business partnership not just someone to fix things when they’re broken. We get to know you and your business so that we can make informed recommendations that improve business operations.

Support Options

We provide two basic options for technology support that can be tailored to your organizational requirements:

  • IT Support Services – Need a little support now and then? The IT Support Services plan is the right choice for you. With our IT support services option, you use and pay for support on an as-needed basis. Services include assistance with urgent issues or routine monitoring and maintenance. You can also pre-purchase block hours to help from a fiscal planning perspective.
  • Managed IT Services – Looking for a solution where you can shift management of your IT to someone else knowing that it will be reliably maintained? With our managed services plan, you receive scheduled routine support and ongoing maintenance for your computers, software, servers, network, etc. in addition to assistance with urgent issues. This proactive approach to managing your technology resources results in fewer emergency calls and ensures the reliability of the systems required to run your business while avoiding unexpected and expensive downtime.

We work with you to develop a support strategy tailored to the needs of your business. Our highly skilled IT Support staff has experience providing IT services to organizations across the spectrum of size, industry, and complexity. Let us keep your technical environment up-to-date and running smoothly while you focus on running your business.

Need Something Else?

Looking to streamline operations for a line of business, such as selecting and implementing a core business solution? Or do you need assistance finding the right solution for an ongoing or new challenge such as migrating to the cloud or implementing new software (Office 365 for example)? These types of requests are categorized as projects due to their complexity. Project-based work is addressed outside the scope of IT Support and Managed IT Services. Projects are scoped and managed individually as separate initiatives. See our Technology Solutions page for more information about this service.

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