Non-Profit Organizations

We know that in the non-profit world, you need to be creative and cost effective with every initiative – that’s why we look holistically at our client’s technology requirements to identify and evaluate alternatives that represent a range of solutions and investment levels. We have helped Foundations, Industry/Trade Associations, and Healthcare/Behavioral Health/Social Services Organizations. Read about our non-profit experience:

If you are looking for solutions to address  challenges related to Web/Social Media Presence, Data Analytics, Membership, Fundraising, Knowledge Management, Regulatory Requirements, or Event Management, we can assist with a plan and budget as well as support the related implementations.   

If your organization requires a comprehensive review of office technology and support, we have experience working with non-profits to address concerns with office productivity (including email), backups, disaster recovery, hardware and other equipment issues, cloud-based solutions, mobile computing, and we also provide technology support services.

Ninestone consultants roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to ensure that we don’t go off track and that your goals are addressed. Taking a proactive approach to your technology is a recipe for success. The objective is to set you on a path to improvement with attentive support that aligns your business, technology, and budget concerns.

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