COVID-19 Pandemic Information

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Ninestone’s Response

As COVID-19 continues to cause uncertainty and disruptions to daily lives and businesses across the country and the world, Ninestone has adjusted and will continue to do so as necessary. In accordance with guidance from CDC, WHO, and local health officials, we have implemented measures to protect our employees, colleagues, and clients. However, the services we provide have not been impacted other than by the local restrictions to onsite visits. We are proud to continue offering support to your organization in a manner that is consistent with governmental guidelines on physical workplace closures.

Staying Connected to Your Team

While most state and local governments are requiring that physical workspaces remain closed for the time being, businesses continue to operate with a remote workforce. Companies have implemented interim solutions to enable their businesses to function in a virtual environment, but there are challenges inherent in this new way of working. Adopting technologies and adjusting business processes to keep teams connected virtually and provide platforms for remote collaboration is key to keeping businesses up and running, and organizations are beginning to evaluate whether these are short-term fixes or sustainable solutions.

As your business evaluates how a virtual work environment and remote solutions fit into your overall business strategy, we at Ninestone are ready to help. With a virtual office ourselves, Ninestone is familiar with products that facilitate remote work teams. Video conference solutions have become a common option for team meetings and client communication, while cloud-based file sharing and collaboration tools enable streamlined document development.

As you continue to look for ways to enhance your business operations, we are available to support you with information and assistance. Check out our website for more insight on tools and strategies to help your business succeed. We are also available for personal consultation.

To learn more, give us a call at 781-652-8204 or contact us through email.




If you are looking for local updates specific to your area, check your state government or public health website. You can find these by doing a web search using your state initials in combination with the word gov or department of public health.

Search term examples:

  • MA gov
  • IL department of public health

City or town government websites are also a good source of information.